Morphotherapy Program


The Morphotherapy ® is a medical concept described by Dr. Roger Elkhoury that aims to prevent or treat the problems that affect the physical appearance of an individual. Such concept emanating from the health promotion in medicine is born from both the experience of more than 15 years in the medical shaping field and from the demand of the increasing number of good health patients who desire aging favorably and maintaining satisfactorily their body image.

As we age our organs and muscles deteriorate, our hormonal secretion weakens, our metabolism slows down, our sensorial and cognitive functions decrease, our skin changes and our articulations become weak. Age induces some limitations in balance and gait parameters which lead to a bad posture too. Genetic factors take part in aging phenomenon and this later may be accelerated due to bad life habits: sedentary lifestyle, overweight, unbalanced nutrition, stress etc.

The Morphotherapy ® role is to holistically take in charge the individual within a goal of prevention and helping him to modify his behaviors and his life style to access the well-being in life. Its main target consists first of all in trying to reduce the patient’s suffering who expresses his dissatisfaction of his own body image and bringing him back to his well-being status and physical acceptance.

 Morphotherapy Concept®

Target systems 

Techniques and Methods

A thorough assessment is undertaken prior to any treatment taking into consideration all parameters that could play a role in the installation and development of body deformities.  The assessment tools are reliable, high-tech and painless.

Morpho Analysis & Data Collection

Problems and Indications

Cutaneous Problems

Circulatory System

Metabolic & Adipose Systems

 Muscular System

 Digestive System

Endocrine System

Postural System

 Psychological System

Treatment Application:

Treatment programs:

At Morphoclinic with our Morphotherapy concept a combination of treatments can take an average body and turn it into a great one: slim, firm, toned and sculpted.

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Technology used:

At Morphoclinic all the technology used are state of the art, all programs are customized and combined for optimum results.

Get ready to change your life as we will be shaping your way to health.